Student Handbooks

Theological education and ministerial formation at Seattle Pacific Seminary (SPS) are carefully structured in accordance with all relevant national and state laws, with the policies and practices of Seattle Pacific University, with the accreditation standards and policies of the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, and with the general institutional standards and educational and degree program standards of the Association of Theological Schools.

Seminary Student Handbook and Tracking Sheets

Current students can find general student handbook information on our Student Handbook Wiki. This is also where you will find degree tracking sheets, up to date information about how to register for a Thesis or Project, and a list of our offered courses.

Seminary Contextual Education Handbook

Policies, procedures, and protocols pertaining to contextual education (a.k.a. “field education”) have been assembled into a single document that you can view or download here:

  CONTEXTUAL EDUCATION HANDBOOK for Students Matriculating at SPS in Autumn 2020 and Thereafter


Here are the following fillable forms students will need when enrolled in Contextual Education (THEO 6940 or 6941):

Contextual Education Contract 

Contextual Education Supervisor Application Form (Supervisor Only)

Contextual Education Quarterly Student Evaluation (Supervisor Only)

Contextual Education Summative Student Evaluation (Supervisor Only)

If you would like to put together a draft before submitting the official online documents above, you are welcome to use these below documents to gather the pertinent information. Note that these are not the official forms - the official forms are above. Download the draft templates below:

Contextual Education Student Contract (Draft Template)

Contextual Education Quarterly Student Evaluation (Draft Template)

Financial Aid Handbook

Newly admitted students and eligible continuing students may apply for Seattle Pacific Seminary scholarships or available financial aid.  Click here to view or download a list of those resources: SPS Financial Aid Handbook.

Graduate Student Handbook

Polices and procedures that pertain to all students enrolled in graduate courses at Seattle Pacific University are assembled in a single document that you can view or download here: SPU Graduate Student Handbook

Information Literacy Handbook

A reference on how to write a good theology paper at Seattle Pacific Seminary assembled in a single document that you can view or download here: SPS Information Literacy Handbook (PDF).

SBL Citation Guide

The School of Theology and Seattle Pacific Seminary follow SBL (Society of Biblical Literature) citation style, which is based on Chicago style. Visit the SPU Library website for SBL citation information and examples.

Mentorship and Counseling Reimbursement Policy

SPS students may request to meet with a pastoral mentor to support their vocational and professional discernment process at no expense. These assignments will be limited to three formal meetings with an assigned mentor per academic year, and will be arranged with an understanding that they will forgo the funds that might otherwise be available to reimburse any counseling or spiritual direction services.

As an alternative to the mentoring, Seattle Pacific Seminary (SPS) will provide a 50% reimbursement for expenses that students incur for counseling and/or spiritual direction. This reimbursement will be available for up to $300 per student for each academic year you are enrolled in the Seminary. SPS cannot recommend a specific therapist or spiritual director to you, but will provide a list of counselors who are known to the Seminary, and are sympathetic to your Christian faith commitment. 

Click here to view or download the PDF with more information.

Studying in Library

Seminary Faculty Books

Seattle Pacific Seminary faculty have published more than 60 books, on topics ranging from global Christianity, to theodicy, to women and Christianity — as well as commentaries and scholarly monographs on books and topics of the Bible. Visit the SPS faculty book page.