Student Highlights

"Through SPS, I have learned how to hold both joy and grief, laugher and lament, and care for my soul in ways that have been invaluable to my faith formation."

"The dual degree program at Seattle Pacific University had the most robust way for me to explore this intersection of faith and therapy both personally and professionally. Through pursuing an MA in Theology and an MS in Marriage and Family Therapy, I hope to serve marginalized communities as a theologically grounded and spiritually attuned therapist."

"My internship with SoulCare has been exposing me to Christian leadership in a safe and supportive environment... overall, Seattle Pacific Seminary has provided the space for me to expand in knowledge, grow in faith, and experience loving, grace-filled community."

"My time here at SPS has been nothing shy of awe-inspiring as all my classes, whether the class is about church history, Christian doctrines, ethics, or Biblical exegesis, have brought me closer to understanding who God is, who I am, the world around me, and my sense of what God has planned for me."

“I believe that here at SPS every class is filled with the Holy Spirit, and it is so beautiful to see both the faculty and students be invited by the Holy Spirit to engage in theological education.”