Seminary Story: Anna Broome

Anna Broome, MDiv '24

Introducing Anna Broome
Shalom! My name is Anna Broome, and I am a Washingtonian at heart. Living downstream from Mount Rainier, I grew up in a Christian home attending a Baptist church until I was a teenager. At that point it became clear that this congregation was no longer right for my family, and so we left. The next place that my family and I felt like we were where God wanted us to be was with a Christian food bank in Pierce County. I started volunteering there when I was in junior high school, and over a decade later, I still volunteer there as much as I can. Both of these times of my life were very formative. My faith started at church and was cultivated through volunteerism. Over the years, I’ve watched God provide over and over again, and I gradually witnessed how much God loves us and how God is good and trustworthy. I also got to watch how God worked in this community, both through the other volunteers and through the clients. Getting to know so many people and hear their stories has been transformative. Additionally, the food bank has a diverse group of clients who exposed me to several different languages, which fed into my passion for foreign languages. Over the years I have studied Spanish, American Sign Language, Russian, etc. I have come to see the power of language in building relationships; even knowing one word in someone else’s tongue is powerful.

How Did You Come to SPU?
When it came to discerning what I wanted to major in for my undergraduate studies, I was genuinely torn, but I knew that I wanted to study at Seattle Pacific University. I wanted to stay close to home and I felt drawn to this small, Christian campus. Once I knew what I wanted and had received my associates degree, I transferred to SPU in 2018 to pursue a degree in Linguistics and Cultural Studies. As a commuter student I wasn’t the most connected person on campus, but I loved the faculty and the community. I feel like a lot of the faculty truly cared about us as students, and I grew a lot both in knowledge and as an individual. 

The undergraduate courses that ultimately directed me to Seminary were the required Bible and Theology courses. They were exactly what I needed at that time in my life and I wanted more. Many parts of my faith were clarified and expanded, and I felt drawn to pursue more theological education, not only because I wanted to study Hebrew and Greek, but also because I really appreciate the faculty and the theology here. 


My Vocational Journey at SPS

I am currently a third-year graduate student in Seattle Pacific Seminary, and I have continued to grow and have gained some vocational discernment. I have grown personally in my identity as I wrestled with understanding what it means to be ethnically Jewish and a Christian, my relationship with God has grown deeper as I learn more about Christianity in other cultures and throughout history, and I have grown by being in community with my fellow seminarians. Vocationally, I am feeling more drawn to ministry than ever. When I began seminary, I was pursuing a Masters in Theology in Christian Scripture, but transitioning into my third year I decided to change to the MDiv program. I started thinking about what I wanted to do after I graduate and becoming a chaplain came to mind as something I’d be interested in. I feel like it would be fulfilling to work with people in need in a Godly setting. Now, my internship with SoulCare has been exposing me to Christian leadership in a safe and supportive environment, and I’m finding that this is all I want to do with my time. As a mentor and small group leader I’m working with several undergraduate students, and I feel drawn to this kind of work. Overall, SPS has provided the space for me to expand in knowledge, grow in faith, and experience loving, grace-filled community.

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