2020 Summer Intensives

Summer Intensives

Join current students, alumni, and community members for stimulating courses from Seattle Pacific Seminary this June. Courses will be taught remotely online via Zoom.

Summer courses: 

THEO 6952: Burning Issues: Digital Transformation + Ministry                        (1 credit): Michael Paulus (Dean of the Library, Assistant Provost for Educational Technology, and Associate Professor of Information Studies at Seattle Pacific University), July 13-24 (synchronous hangouts July 17 and 24, 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.)

This course explores digital strategies churches are using to transition and transform ministry though and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. This exploration will include case studies, theological reflection on the accelerated digital transformation of our lives and world, and a framework for designing contextually-appropriate church digital 

THEO 6745: Christian Social Entrepreneurship and Missional Church Planting (3 credits)Daniel Frederick (Pastor of The Refuge Church and Executive Director of Coffee Oasis, in Bremerton, WA), June 15-19 (Monday-Friday)

The course will explore key themes related to sustaining missional leaders and congregations who embody the gospel in post-Christendom contexts. This exploration will involve readings, discussions with missional leaders, and virtual visits to churches/plants which demonstrate that embodiment effectively.

This course has ended 

THEO 6511: Gender and Christianity (3 credits)Dr. Amy Oden (renowned professor from St. Paul School of Theology), June 22-26 (Monday-Friday)

Explores gender and issues of sexuality through hermeneutical, historical, theological, and ecumenical resources to consider the challenges and possibilities of considering male and female as created in the imago dei. The course will apply these insights to the intersections of gender and ministry for the contemporary church.

This course has ended 

THEO 6744: Ministerial Leadership (3 credits): Rev. Craig Brown (pastor and Executive Director of Congregational Development for the United Methodist Church in California), June 29-July 2 (Mon-Thurs)

Explores the basic building blocks of what it means to lead well in a ministry setting and highlights practical, research-based strategies for learning and growing on the job. Topics will include calling and purpose, building and developing your team, dealing with conflict, leading under pressure, balancing work and life, and the paradox of sacrifice and success.

This course has ended

Posted: Thursday, April 30, 2020