Honors Academics


Course Sequence

All SPU students complete a Core Curriculum and Exploratory Curriculum sequence in addition to their majors before graduation. These two threads – the Core and Exploratory curricula – make up what is known as General Education, a common part of most university degree programs.

University Scholars, however, follow an alternative General Education curriculum that replaces many but not all of the Core and Exploratory courses.* See the SPU catalog for detailed specifics. All honors courses are five credits unless specified otherwise. 

Autumn Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter
Freshman Year USCH 1000: Freshman Seminar USCH 1111: Classics USCH 1112: Renaissance
Sophomore Year UFDN 1000: Honors Foundations USCH 1113: Modernity USCH 1114: Globalization
Junior Year Optional: Study Abroad USCH 3910: Faith and Science I** USCH 4910: Faith and Science I

USCH 4950: Christianity and Scholarship (2 credits)
Senior Year Honors Project (2-4 credits)*** Honors Project Honors Project

*The Math Requirement in the Exploratory Curriculum requires completion of credits, which requires demonstration of a certain level of competency. Note: All University Scholars are required to satisfy the 5-credit Math requirement in the Exploratory Curriculum.

**Prior to enrolling in USCH 3910: Faith and Science I, you must complete a 5-credit course that fulfills the WKFS (Ways of Knowing in the Fundamental Sciences) requirement in the Exploratory Curriculum.

***Christianity and Scholarship must be completed before you enroll in any Honors Project credits.

The Honors Project

The honors project is the culmination of all your work as a University Scholar. It is an original and independent research thesis undertaken in the senior year under the direction of two faculty readers. For many students, the honors project is one of their proudest undergraduate academic achievements. For many others, it also forms a key part of future graduate and professional school applications.

And you will have plenty of opportunities to prepare along the way, both in your honors and major program coursework as well as in USCH 4950. In addition, you will receive academic credit for the time spent writing your thesis. Honors Project credits are done independently for a total of four credits during the senior year. Credits are usually divided across two quarters (two credits each).

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