2019 Senior Honors Projects

University Scholars’ senior honors projects represent advanced work in their individual majors and engage in reflections on their faith and learning. These are the projects of the 2018 University Scholars.

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Abagayle Blank
Computer Vision Machine Learning and Future-Oriented Ethics 

Julie Bowers
Shifting the Paradigm: Revealing the Music Within Music Technology

Justina Brown
Living on Heaven’s Doorstep: A Multimedia Project With the Warm Beach Senior Community

Rebecca Butler
Inquiry in Inquiry: A Classification of the Learning Theories Underlying Inquiry-Based Undergraduate Number Theory Texts

Cailin Dahlin
Counternarratives in Hip-Hop Music: Themes of Marginalization

Arik Espineli
Kinematics and Dynamics of Lead Climbing

Dylan Forbes

Refugee Policy Mechanisms: Explaining Divergence Among European Union Member State Asylum Acceptance Rates

Tori Forster
Middle Waters: A Visual Historical Fiction of the Osage Nation

Natalie Frissell
Text as Speech: A New Analytical Framework for Computer Mediated Communication

Erkin George
Machine Learning with Multi-Class Regression and Neural Networks: Analysis and Visualization of Crime Data in Seattle 

Katie Gillette
Illuminating Chekhov: A Lighting Design of Before the Eclipse 

Kora Krumm
Species Determination of Ulvoid Algae Through Genotyping: What Are the Environmental Implications?

Andrew Lee
The Spectroscopic and Computational Exploration of Sulfur Hydrogen Bonding

Marissa J. Lewis
Disbelieved Through Millennia: Cassandra as Woman Truth-Teller and Translator

Alison Lindsay
Exploring Parental Wishes and Personhood in the Grey Zones of Neonatal Resuscitation

Madeline McDonald

Mission Driven? Ethics and Capabilities at the Meso Organizational Level in Response to Homelessness

Joselyn Molina

Synthesis and Characterization of a Homogeneous Cobalt Catalyst for the Hydrogenation of Acetone to Isopopropanol 

Jordan Payne
How Music Therapy Affects the Traumatized Brain: Neurorehabilitation for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Through Music Therapy

S.M. Pruis
Erotic Devotional Poetry: Resisting Neoplatonism in Protestant Christianity

Janessa Reeves

Co-Opted, Cults and the Classics: Highlighting the Magna Mater Cult in Rome

Larissa Schuermyer
The Annexation of Hawai’i: A Violation of Foreign Sovereignty by the United States of America

Kellen Schwartz
The Personalization-Privacy Paradox Explored Through a Privacy Calculus Model and Hofstede’s Model of Cultural Dimensions

Anton Taraskin
ab initio Calculations of Changes in Sulfur’s Orbital Energies and Sizes With Oxidation State as a Means of Explaining Hypervalency

Maggie Taylor
Uber’s Strategy of Disruptive Innovation: The Implications of Negative Press

Emmett Worth
The Development of Orphan Drugs: A Financial and Ethical Decision

University Scholars

UScholar’s First Novel Published

The Last Burning of New London, a science fiction novel by UScholar Danielle Myers ’14, was published by RainTown Press while she was still an undergraduate.

University Scholars

UScholar Hired After Successful Internship

As an intern for the Smith Richards Group, UScholar Haley Hill ’14 so impressed her mentors that they hired her as a paraplanner.