Faculty Panels: Navigating Cultural Shifts Through the Years at SPU

20th Annual Day of Common Learning

As SPU navigates key questions regarding our mission to serve our richly diverse student body in Christ-centered ways, we reflect on the principles that have contributed to sustaining our long-lasting community over the past half-century. Join us in back-to-back panel presentations as we explore SPU past and present to understand what continues to make us uniquely positioned to wrestle with our current big questions and cultural complexities. We will explore who our students are and how they have evolved; what they are expecting, and in many cases demanding, of SPU; and what are the unifying principles that can lead us into the SPU of tomorrow.

Time: 1:30–3 p.m.
Location: Upper Gwinn Commons

Emeriti Faculty Panel | 1:30– 2:10 p.m.

Kathryn Bartholomew

Kathryn BartholomewProfessor Emerita of Languages and Linguistics
PhD, University of Washington. At SPU 1989–2018.

Dr. Kathleen Braden

Kathleen Braden,  Professor Emerita of Geography
PhD, University of Washington. At SPU 1982–2016.

Debra Sequeira

Debra Sequeira, Professor Emerita of Communication
PhD, University of Washington. At SPU 1978–1985; 1990–2020.

Les Steele

Les SteeleProfessor Emeritus of Christian Formation
PhD, Claremont Graduate School. At SPU 1984–2011.

Frank Spina

Frank Spina, Professor Emeritus of Old Testament
PhD, University of Michigan. At SPU 1973–2019.

Rob Wall

Rob WallPaul T. Walls Professor Emeritus of Scripture and Wesleyan Studies
ThD, Dallas Theological Seminary. At SPU 1978–2021.

Current Faculty Panel | 2:15–3 p.m.

Hee-Sun Cheon

Hee-Sun Cheon. Associate Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy; Director of MFT Practicum 
PhD, Iowa State University, 2007. At SPU since 2011.

John Hossler

John Hossler, Associate Professor and Chair of Mathematics
PhD, University of Montana. At SPU since 2012.

Kevin Neuhouser

Kevin NeuhouserProfessor and Co-Chair of Sociology
PhD, Indiana University. At SPU since 1996.

David Neinhuis

David NienhuisProfessor of New Testament; Associate Dean of Academic Programs
PhD, University of Aberdeen, Scotland. At SPU 1999–2001, and since 2004.

Bethany Rolfe Witham

Bethany Rolfe Witham, Associate Professor of Nursing
DNP, University of Washington. At SPU since 2011.

Brenda Salter McNeil

Brenda Salter McNeil, Associate Professor of Reconciliation Studies
DMin, Palmer Theological Seminary. At SPU since 2011.