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Dr. Kathleen Braden

Kathleen Braden

Professor Emerita of Geography

Email: kbraden@spu.edu

Education: BA, Boston University, 1972; MA, University of Washington, 1974; PhD, University of Washington, 1981. At SPU 1982-2016. Emerita since 2016.

Kathleen Braden taught courses in geography, global development studies, and Russian history.  A specialist in Russian nature reserve management and resource geography, she wrote the first English language book on the Russian forest industry and in the past served as a consultant to U.S. firms doing business in Siberia.  Dr. Braden has held four separate Fulbright grants for lecturing and research in Russia and Kazakhstan and served a three year term on the U.S. Fulbright Commission in Washington D.C. She has also been an affiliate faculty member at the University of Washington Geography Department serving on graduate student dissertation committees.

Selected Publications

  • “Environmental Governance, Property Rights, and Judeo-Christian Tradition”, forthcoming in 2014 by Springer Publications in: The Changing World Religion Map, Stanley Brunn, editor.

  • “Personal Reflections on The Fate of Wilderness Reserves in Russia“, International Journal of Wilderness, Vol. 34 (2), August, 2008, pp. 39-43.

  • “The Challenges of Ecotourism Development in the Altay Region of Russia”, with Natalya Prudnikova, Altay University, Tourism Geographies,  Vol. 10, No. 1, 1–21, February 2008.

  • “Exploring the Notion of ‘Good’ in Sack’s Geographic Theory of Morality”, Christian Scholar’s Review, Volume XXXI, Number 4 (Summer 2002), pp. 435-447.

  • “Western NGO Support of Grassroots Christian Organizations in Russia” in Local Ownership-Global Change: Will Civil Society Save the World?  R. Hoksbergen and L. Ewert, editors, 2002, World Vision Press, pp. 349-360.

  • Engaging Geopolitics, (with Fred Shelley), Addison, Wesley, Longman, Great Britain, 1999.

  • “On Saving the Wilderness: Why Christian Stewardship is Not Sufficient.”  Christian Scholar’s Review, Vol. XXVIII, no. 2, Winter, 1998, pp. 254-269.

  • “A Coarse-Filter Gap Analysis for Preserved Lands in Kyrgyzstan.”  Post-Soviet Geography and Economy, Vol. 39, no. 7, 1998, pp. 417-431.

  • “Regions, Semple, and Structuration,” The Geographical Review, Vol. 82, no.3, July, 1992, pp. 237-243.

  • The Disappearing Russian Forest:  A Dilemma in Soviet Resource Management, (with Brenton Barr, University of Calgary), Littlefield & Adams,  New Jersey, 1988.

  • "The Scientific Function of Soviet Nature Reserves", paper presented at November, 1985 ICSEES III World Congress, Washington, D.C., published Fall, 1987 by Lynne Reinner Press in Environmental Problems in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, Fred Singleton, editor.

  • "Nature Reserves of the USSR", Oryx (Journal of the Royal British Flora and Fauna Conservation Society), July, 1986, pp. 165-169.

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Dr. Kathleen Braden

Why I Taught at SPU

Kathleen Braden, Professor of Geography

"I taught at Seattle Pacific University because I believe the purpose of education is to give students the tools they need to seek out truth. I believe truth can be best revealed when it is a common enterprise among faculty, staff, and students in a fully accredited and rigorous university setting that puts the Christian faith at its center."