Academic Load

Enrollment status for doctoral candidates and students seeking master’s degrees or certificates is determined by the following:

  • Full time: 6 or more credits 
  • Three-quarter time: 4–5 credits 
  • Half time: 3 credits
  • Quarter time: 1–2 credits

Due to the rigorous academic nature of advanced degree programs at Seattle Pacific University:

  • Matriculated students who wish to take more than fifteen credits of 6000- and 7000-level coursework in one quarter must first obtain permission from their Program Coordinator.
  • Non-matriculated students are limited to six credits per quarter.
  • During the Summer Sessions, master’s and doctoral students should take no more than six credits in any four-week period. 
  • Students employed full time should take no more than eight credits per quarter. 
  • Financial-aid recipients must carry a minimum of three regular on-campus credits to be eligible to receive financial aid.

Graduate students may, with prior permission, take courses concurrently elsewhere, provided the combined load does not exceed the number of credits per registration period outlined by the academic load limits specified above.