Registration Petitions

It is expected that all students adhere to registration deadlines and policies. However, students may petition for exceptions to regular policies and procedures. The petition process provides students and faculty with the possibility of a response outside the normal bounds of policy when extenuating circumstances are judged to warrant such a response. Extenuating circumstances include illness, injury, death in the family, or problems with immigration.

Poor performance in a class does not constitute an extenuating circumstance and is not grounds for petition. The petition must not only voice the request, but must also substantiate the validity of the request.

Registration petition forms (PDF) are available online. Instructions for completing the petition process are listed on the form.

A student pursuing late registration for a course must seek the instructor’s permission to attend class while the registration petition is pending. In all cases, the final decision to approve or deny a petition will be made by Student Academic Services

Registration petitions can only be considered during the current quarter, regulations do not allow us to make changes to prior quarters. SAS reserves the right to deny any petition for any reason.