Course Numbering System

Below-college-level courses, numbered 0001–0999, are not applicable to SPU degrees.

Lower-division courses, numbered 1000–2999, are primarily for freshmen and sophomores.

Upper-division courses, numbered 3000–4999, are primarily for juniors and seniors.

5000-level courses, numbered 5000-5999: The 5000-level designation is designed to accommodate a range of post-baccalaureate and professional development courses. Some of these courses are appropriate to graduate study. For inclusion in graduate programs, individual courses must be approved by the school or division. No more than six credits of 5000-level courses may be applied to any graduate degree. Individual programs may set lower limits. Exceptions in excess of the 6-credit limit can be made only with the approval of the Curriculum Committee and Provost on recommendation of the School or Division dean. 5000-level courses may not be applied to an undergraduate degree.

6000-level courses apply toward master’s degrees; they may not be applied toward an undergraduate degree, except toward the Christian Theology major of a student formally admitted to the BA in Christian Theology to MA in Christian Leadership program.

7000-level courses apply toward doctoral programs; they may not be applied toward an undergraduate degree.