Kyra Strom

Kyra Strom What is your major?
Global Development and Economics

What was your most impactful class or professor?
Dr. Murg. I learned a lot from the classes I took with him, he was a fantastic professor. 

What are some of your career goals?
After graduating I have taken a position with Americorp, working for a nonprofit that focuses on providing low-income housing to reduce homelessness and poverty in Snohomish County. After my service term, I am looking forward to potentially working for a relief organization either locally or abroad. 

What advice do you have for incoming students?
Do not stress about things that are outside of your control. Academics can be very stressful but trust the process. If you put in the work, there will be results. 

What SPU has meant to you?
Growth. SPU has provided a space in which I have been able to grow into the person I am today.