Maria Weya


Hometown: Sugapa, Papua, Indonesia

What is something you wish everyone knew about your major? I major in sustainable development, there are only a handful of students with the major. Mostly I think it is because people think sustainable major are not relevant in today's era and they're afraid the major would not promise them work right after college. I wish people would know that there are many jobs related to the major. In fact humanitarian, nonprofit, and nongovernmental organizations have become much more popular nowadays providing unique and promising jobs out there.

What was your most impactful class or professor? There are several classes and instructors that I would like to mention. But if I had to choose one, I would choose Cultural Communication class thought by Professor Lorelle Jabs. Not only did I learn about why people do things the way they do and how to be culturally aware with people from different culture, but I also got to learn about my own culture. It was an honor that Professor Jabs asked me to share about my culture with the class twice. I also got to listen to her stories and here cultural experiences and had great conversation about outside class.

What are you excited for in your future career? I am most excited to make an impact for others, especially for my Papuan people. I am most excited about going back to my country and join institutions or organizations that help solve local issues in Papua.

What advice do you have for incoming students? I would say that SPU has great faculty who are willing to help with anything. So be friends with them and use them as resources, They really have great things to offer. Secondly, communication is very important. When you feel like you're missing out from class or are having a hard time catching up with assignments, you need to tell the teachers. I promise you they always have ways to accommodate that.

How have you grown during your time at SPU? I have grown a lot during my time at SPU. SPU has impacted my personal, academic, and spiritual growth. In term of personal growth, I have learned about confidence, self-advocating, and independence, Spiritually, I have learned a lot about justice, grace, and humanity, mostly from my professors and clubs I am involved with but also from my instructors, classes, and other academic learnings. Academically I have also grown in my communication skills, working with groups, business skills, and another knowledge relating to my major.