Zach Nacke


Hometown: Bothell, WA

What is something you wish everyone knew about your major? History majors are the most fun majors. We all get to be nerds about old stuff and there is always more to learn.

What was your most impactful class or professor? I can’t choose between Dr. Walter or Dr. Hughes. They are both stellar and make the History Department what it is. Without them I would not even want to be a history student.

What are you excited for in your future career? Working with kids and teaching them the world and the many cultures

What advice do you have for incoming students? Get involved! Club and student leadership is extremely fulfilling and brings a whole new purpose to college. Get out of your comfort zone and join whatever you have the time for!

How have you grown during your time at SPU? Coming into SPU, I was a shy kid with very little desire or inspiration to cause change. I really was just coasting on living day by day. But SPU has taught me to care about not just my life, but the people near and far from me, and teaching everyone the many wonders of living. I will never forget my days of laying in Tiffany Loop, headphones in and sun out, feeling grateful for the life I was living.