Anne Grace Baur

Anne Grace Baur

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Major/Minor: Self-designed major in international studies: peace and conflict resolution, and culture and minor in French

Favorite/Most challenging class: I’m not sure if I could even narrow it down to a top three! The professors at SPU are absolutely incredible and I have felt so lucky to study under them. There are so many courses that have incredibly enticing and challenging content, but for me what has made the best classes has been the professors. Some of my favorites have been all of my global development courses, cultural anthropology, and international fiction.

Favorite memory at SPU: Rather than a single memory, it has been my experiences — studying abroad and the incredible relationships I have built. 

Biggest life lesson learned during college: College and life are about what you choose to make them. 

Plans for after graduation: I will be moving to western France with a position in TAPIF (Teaching Assistant Program in France) as an English language ambassador working with middle school and high school students.