Kaitlyn Payton

Kaitlyn Payton

Hometown: Lubbock, Texas

Major/Minor: Economics with a concentration in International Business and Business Analytics 

Favorite/Most challenging class (and a brief explanation why): Intermediate Microeconomics. As an economist, I generally think about things in a macro perspective. Economics Professor Hau encouraged me to challenge the way I processed economic theory and empowered me to take ownership of my work.

Favorite memory of SPU: The Economics Department went to Pike Place Market on a Saturday morning. We grabbed coffee and donuts and walked around and talked about economics in real time. It was a testament to the investment and intentionality the professors have with students, as well as the community and relationships that have been built among the students.

Biggest life lesson learned during college: Be present. Life is too short to be stressing about things that won’t matter in a few years.  

Plans after graduation: Still job searching! Eventually I want to work for the U.N., but I am currently applying to Tableau, Decisive Data, and Google.