Crystal Sierra Suarez

Crystal Sierra Suarez

Hometown: Jersey City, New Jersey

Major/Minor: Communications/Computer Science

Favorite/Most challenging class (and a brief explanation why): My absolute favorite class had to be public speaking with Communications Professor Debbie Pope. Her style of lecturing was very engaging and fun even at 8 a.m. In this class, we created speeches on different topics using the concepts and skills we learned. I got to know my classmates so well and we really became a family during that quarter of public speaking. It was the first time that a class really felt like it was about us as students. I knew everyone's name at the end of the year, we had a huge celebration together because not only did we learn about theories, but we all truly became better public speakers. 

Favorite memory of SPU: It's hard to pick one favorite, but the top two have to be the SPRINT trip I went on with the John Perkins Center to the Dominican Republic and my study abroad trip to China for a Modern Globalization Class with other SPU students and professors Ye and Downing. On both trips, I was able to meet students from different majors and learn from the perspectives of other people around the world. I really enjoyed these experiences because it gave me a chance to experience different cultures. 

Biggest life lesson learned during college: Is to be vulnerable enough to ask for help from strangers and to be positive through the hard times. Throughout my time at SPU, I took a lot of initiative to find resources on- and off- campus. As a first-generation student, I knew that, yes, I was on my own when it came to paying SPU, but that I wasn't completely alone on my journey. I have found so many amazing mentors at SPU and in other companies who genuinely want to help me succeed. Although I'm independent, I realized that everyone needs help and those who ask sooner are more likely to succeed. 

Plans after graduation: Working at Rauxa an advertising agency in downtown Seattle on the Accounts Services Team. I will also be continuing my research associate position at a computer software start-up called Koverse.