Faculty Employment Handbook

Employment Policies and Procedures

The Seattle Pacific University Faculty Employment Handbook (referred to herein as the Handbook) is designed to provide essential information for understanding the role of a SPU faculty member as a teacher and scholar. It contains the approved policies and procedures of the University concerning the terms and conditions of employment, sets forth faculty members’ personal and professional expectations and obligations, and is incorporated into the individual contract/letter of appointment of each faculty member (as described in Section 13). The Handbook is intended to serve as a reference for institutional life and procedures for both faculty and administrators. Each faculty member is responsible to know and adhere to the Handbook’s expectations, rules, and regulations. Other University publications also provide important information for faculty members about their employment and about University operations. Such publications include the Academic Policies Manual, the Undergraduate Catalog, and the Graduate Catalog. Certain policies applying to all employees of the University are housed in the SPU Employee Handbook and the Employee Benefits Handbook, maintained by the Office of Human Resources. This Handbook may be amended from time to time, as described in Section 14. The most current version will be posted on the website for the Office of the Provost.