Faculty Recruitment and Hiring Procedures

Faculty Hiring Procedure

1) Determine Need and Funding
In discussion with the Provost, deans will project a need for  a new hire (replacement or new position). Discussions will include source of funding.

ACTION: Create an online Faculty Recruitment Requisition Form.

Questions? Contact the Office of the Provost: (206) 281-2508 or mcfarlandm@spu.edu.

2) Contact the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Prior to initiating your search, contact the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (VPDEI) Sandy Mayo to schedule an initial meeting to discuss diversity considerations in the hiring process. Sandy is available for consultation at all phases of the recruitment, selection, and hiring process, but in order for her to provide the best support for your search, please schedule your initial meeting prior to establishing a search committee and drafting the vacancy announcement.

3) Establish a Search Committee
Schools/departments that have open faculty positions will establish a search committee for each position. Search committees must include:

  • The chair or dean of the department/school
  • Faculty from within the department/school

4) Advertise the Vacancy
The hiring dean and/or the search committee chair will draft a vacancy announcement (See Vacancy Announcement Sample) and attach it to the online Faculty Recruiting Requisition on the Interview Exchange.

The Office of the Provost will post the position on the SPU Employment website, as well as advertise the position with the Chronicle of Higher Education and CCCU.

The School will advertise in disciplinary-specific journals, publications, and websites. (Ads costing more than $250 must have prior approval from the Provost). The school is encouraged to utilize as many free online advertising sites as possible.

5) Candidate Applications and Inquiries
Inquiries and online applications will go directly to the chair of the search committee through Interview Exchange. All applications must include:

  • SPU Application
  • Faculty Application Insert
  • Statement of Faith (The one-page Statement of Faith response should address the candidate's Christian faith and its relation to his or her life and work.)
  • Statement of Philosophy of Teaching (one-page).

The committee will prioritize candidates after considering vitae, statement of evangelical Christian commitment, evidence of teaching ability, promise as a scholar, and references.

Note: All applications for open positions must be kept for one year before confidential recycling.

6) Determine Candidate Interviews
Dean will discuss the pool of qualified candidates with the Provost. The Provost will authorize a campus interview, normally of the top one or two candidates. After approval by the Provost, the dean will invite the candidate(s) to campus for interviews. Often the date(s) for interviews are determined by the Provost's ability. Administrative assistants should work with the Manager for the Office of the Provost/Executive Assistant to the Provost to schedule interviews with the Provost.

7) Campus Interviews
Once interview dates and times are established, the administrative assistant will work with the candidate to arrange travel and lodging for the interview. SPU has special rates at the Marriott Courtyard on Lake Union. Click here to make a reservation.

The interview schedule on campus is coordinated by the school or department. The interview schedule for full-time faculty positions shall ordinarily include:

  • Discipline's school faculty
  • School or college dean
  • The search committee
  • All-Campus Interview Team (coordinated by the Office of the Provost)
  • Provost
  • Time to discuss benefit options with a Human Resources representative

In addition, the candidate may be asked to make a formal presentation to the school and other interested faculty, as well as teach a class. (See Sample Interview Schedule PDF's: One, Two, and Three).

Interview packets should be sent to all persons who will be interviewing the candidate. Packets should include: Interview schedule, the candidate's SPU application, vitae, faith statement, philosophy of teaching statement, position description, and confidential interview response form. (See Faculty Candidate Interview forms for an example). Please send electronic versions of all documents to the Office of the Provost.

Confidential interview forms should be returned to the chair of the search committee as soon as possible. The dean will review responses and make a recommendation to the Provost. All other materials (interview packets including applications, faith statement, etc.) should either be shredded or returned to the chair of the search committee for confidential recycling.

8) Recommending a Candidate for Vacancy
Deans may email a recommendation for a specific candidate to the Provost, addressing the analysis and recommendation and any special conditions of employment. Deans should complete and submit a Recommendation for Faculty Hire to the Provost.

Note: Deans' offices should keep copies of all faculty hiring paperwork.

The Provost will seek the President's approval when necessary. Once the Recommendation is approved, the Provost will notify the dean, who then calls the candidate to notify him or her of an official offer to come. The Provost sends the official offer letter with any special conditions of employment. The dean will be given an opportunity to review the letter prior to it being sent. Offer letters will be sent via USPS, with a PDF of the offer letter E-mailed to the candidate.

9) Hiring Paperwork
Once the signed offer letter is returned, the dean's office should submit a Personnel Action Form (PAF) to the office of the Provost.

10) Issuing a Contract
The new faculty member should expect to see his or her faculty contract during the regular contracting process in the spring. If a new faculty member is hired at a different time of the year, the contract may be issued at a different time.

11) Managing Recruitment Expenses
The Dean's Office should gather all recruiting expenses and list them on the
Recruitment Expenses Worksheet. Refer to links at the top of this page for detailed instructions and sample forms.


For One-Year Faculty (.5 to 1.0 FTE)
The process used for employing regular full-time faculty should be followed in some abbreviated form. In particular, the Provost approval is needed before funds can be expended to bring a candidate to campus for interviews (there is no reimbursement of interviewing expenses for one-year positions from the Provost).

At the dean's discretion, the Provost may interview the candidate, but it is not necessary (if the one-year faculty member returns for a subsequent year, then a Provost interview is required). In making recommendations to the Provost for a hire, the school dean shall address, in detail, the academic qualifications and the nature of Christian mission fit of the proposed faculty member. All one-year faculty candidates must complete a full application and faculty insert (on Interview Exchange), as well as submit a one-page statement of faith. Background checks are required.

All courses taught by part-time faculty shall be reviewed by the students using the standard forms supplied by the Office of the Provost or those evaluation forms used by the particular school. This information, when available, shall be used in future rehiring decisions.

Returning One-Year Faculty
Returning one-year faculty who have not previously interviewed with the Provost or an All-Campus Interview Team will be required to do so. An updated application and faith statement may be necessary.

In addition, the Provost shall be given the opportunity to interview, in advance, any already-employed, part-time faculty member whose load is proposed to increase to over 50%.

For Adjunct Faculty

The school dean or department chair initiates contact and ensures that an SPU application form is completed for these part-time/adjunct positions. Background checks are required.

Department chairs interview the top candidates and prioritize them, with particular attention given to the Christian mission fit of the applicant.

Upon approval of the dean, an adjunct contract will be issued by the school once the position has been accepted.