Lin Liu

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

Phone: 206-281-2961
Office: Otto Miller Hall 236

Education: BS, North University of China (2011); MS, Beijing Institute of Technology (2014); PhD, State University of New York at Binghamton (2021). At SPU since 2021.

Lin Liu received her PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the State University of New York at Binghamton in 2021. Much of her doctoral time was dedicated to teaching, mentoring, and bioelectronics and microsystems research. Before pursuing her PhD, she worked as a hardware engineer in industry. Dr. Liu’s industry working experience has been helping students improve practical and transfer skills by designing, testing, and supporting a wide range of products and interdisciplinary systems such as biosensors, renewable energy harvesting systems for ultra-low power IoT applications, embedded, autonomous, and robotic systems, and a variety of instrumentation. While studying for her Ph.D., she worked as a graduate student ambassador to advise prospective students in learning about the school and the department. Dr. Liu put great effort into giving each student a positive and welcoming experience and is particularly mindful of barriers faced by women and underrepresented people of color in science and engineering.

Dr. Liu loves jogging, she has finished two half marathons and is planning on running her first full marathon.

Selected Publications

1. L. Liu, M. Mohammadifar, A. Elhadad, M. Tahernia, Y. Zhang, W. Zhao, and S. Choi, “Spatial Engineering of Microbial Consortium for Long-lasting, Self-sustaining, and High-power Generation in a Bacteria-powered Biobattery,” Advanced Energy Materials, 11, 2100713, 2021  

2. L. Liu, and S. Choi, “Miniature Microbial Solar Cells to Power Wireless Sensor Networks”, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, Review Article, 177, 112970, 2021  

3. Y. Gao, J. Ryu, L. Liu, and S. Choi, “A simple, inexpensive, and rapid method to assess antibiotic effectiveness against exoelectrogenic bacteria,” Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 168, 112518, 2020 — This work was reported by, Health Europa, Technologynetworks, etc. 

4. L. Liu and S. Choi, “Self-sustainable, High-power-density Bio-solar Cells for Lab-on-a-chip Applications,” Lab Chip, 17, pp.3817- 3825, 2017 (IF 6.0) — This work was reported by Phys.ORG, ScienceDaily, Energy Harvesting Journal, Newswise, SolarDaily, ErekAlert, etc. 

5. L. Liu and S. Choi, “Self-sustaining, solar-driven bioelectricity generation in micro-sized microbial fuel cell using co-culture of heterotrophic and photosynthetic bacteria,” Journal of Power Sources, 348, pp.138-144, 2017 — This work was reported by ScienceDaily, Sciencenewline,, Electronicproducts, healthmedicinet, and azocleantech.

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Why I Teach at SPU

Lin Liu, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

“I love teaching at SPU because there is a calling for me to be here. My goal is to equip students with engineering knowledge and make a difference in this world by serving God and others.”