Project Showcase

Each year, senior Engineering and Computer Science students design and build real-world projects, exploring how innovation and new ideas can help meet needs in their communities ... and around the world. Here are a few latest samples. To see previous years' sample projects, click the links from the navigation bar on the left.

Engineering projects

Autonomous Gantry Extinguishing System

Electric Aircraft Power Converter

Wearable electromyography detector

Optimized Aqua System Intended for Serious Situations

The Autonomous Medication Distribution Robot

Remote Item Manipulator

Vertical Automated Storage Technology

Software engineering projects

An old-style video game with a modern-day twist

An open-source 2D platform game

An AI versus human card game

A web service for SPU students to reserve OhmniLabs' robots to virtually attend and participate in class

Get Falcon Fit!

Role of Business Survey Web Application

Create events and see who attends


All Systems Go!

What does it take to create the next big technical innovation? SPU engineering students are working together to find out.


Why I Teach at SPU

Kevin Bolding, Director of Engineering and Computer Science Programs; Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

“I love teaching because it gives me a chance to shape the next generation of engineers and computer scientists — people who will truly change the world. In the classroom and in advising meetings, I have a chance to challenge students not only to work to their full potential, but also to analyze and evaluate what projects to work on to best serve God.”