Incoming First-Year Students

It’s a crazy world out there.

SPU’s Engineering and Computer Science program gives you the tools to make sense of it all. And a Christian liberal arts foundation helps you better integrate technology with the way people actually work and live.

Choose from majors in:

So you can do things like:

  • Develop new energy, biomedical, transportation, or telecommunications systems.
  • Design and build computers, computer-based systems, and useful computer applications.
  • Create software and hardware for nonprofit or for-profit organizations.
  • Help people discover new ways to use technology to do better work.
  • Design appropriate technology systems for here at home and around the world.

Also consider completing the Appropriate and Sustainable Engineering minor. This program has a unique focus on sustainability while also preparing students to apply engineering to specific contexts, such as meeting the unique needs of developing communities. This minor is a direct response to our Christian calls to be stewards of our planet and to serve the poor. The ASE minor pairs well with any of SPU's Engineering majors or with a major in Physics.

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Why I Teach at SPU

Melani Plett, Professor of Engineering

“I teach engineering at SPU because here I have the privilege to help each of my students along the path of developing his/her skills, interests, and abilities so that God can accomplish his purposes in us, our community, and in our world. As engineers, we can be God’s hands and feet to provide the goods, services, and care that are so needed.”