Success Stories

Alumni, Mechanical Design Engineer at Pallet

“I went back to school later in life to find a career that felt more meaningful and purposeful to me, so my values aligned well with SPU.”

Alumni, Lead Software Engineer at The Walt Disney Company

“What I feel separates SPU from other engineering programs was the afforded inspiration to give back to our community and our planet.”

Student, Electrical Engineering

“We are so much stronger when we are surrounded by a community that believes in us. I found that community here at SPU.”

Student, Electrical Engineering

“Ultimately, my career goal is always to keep learning and solve problems to help others. In the near term, I intend to complete a two-year rotation program at Fluke Corporation where I will cycle through several different engineering roles.”

Alumni, Design Engineer at Kenworth

"Today I’m living my childhood dream of working in the automotive industry and contributing to the design and manufacturing of semitrucks at Kenworth."

Alumni, Director of Papua Hope Language Institute

“My time at SPU was a season of life that was full of joy, adventure, self-discovery, and life-long memories.”

Student, Engineering

Jonghyuk Kim reflects on the decision to attend SPU, studying during deployment overseas, and coming home to pursue a career in engineering.

Student, Mechanical Engineering

Hunter McSwain talks about his decision to attend SPU, his experience being on the Baja SAE team, and how faculty have had a positive impact on his life.

Student, Electrical Engineering

Hugo Ramiro discusses forming meaningful relationships at SPU, and how his faith has grown during college.

Student, Computer Science

Delsey Sabu recalls how she decided on a career path, gained mentors through internships, and how SPU nurtured her faith.

Student, Electrical Engineering

Tyler Wadekamper discusses deciding to attend SPU, overcoming project obstacles, and what to look for in a great engineering job.