Engineering Minors


  • Appropriate and Sustainable Engineering Minor
  • Computer Engineering Minor
  • Electrical Engineering Minor
  • Mechanical Engineering Minor

Appropriate and Sustainable Engineering minor

The Appropriate and Sustainable minor is a direct response to our Christian calls for stewardship of our planet and service to the poor. Here, we seek to address our environmental footprint in the developed world through sustainable engineering solutions while addressing the needs of the world’s poor through development of appropriate technology.

This program, which prepares students to apply engineering skills to help meet the unique needs of developing communities, pairs well with any of SPU's Engineering majors or with a major in Physics.

  • In addition to foundational math and physics courses, you'll complete applied engineering skills courses, appropriate and sustainable engineering courses, and 5 credits in multicultural/global development electives. 
  • This minor can be completed by engineering and physics majors with minimal (or possibly no) additional credits. See an engineering faculty advisor for more details about this.

Computer Engineering Minor

  • Core courses include CSC 1230 Problem Solving & Programming, CPE 3280 Microcontroller System Design, and MAT 1234 Calculus I.
  • Electives can be chosen from courses such as CSC 3221 Netcentric Computing and CSC 3430 Algorithm and Analysis.

Electrical Engineering minor

  • Core requirements include CSC 1230 Problem Solving & Programming, MAT 3237 Differential Equations, and EE 2726 Electrical Circuits I.
  • Technical elective credits are chosen from upper-division courses such as EE 3500 Power Systems and EGR 3611 Alternative Energy Systems.

Mechanical Engineering minor

  • Core courses include ME 1501 CAD Applications for Engineers, ME 3310 Mechanics of Materials, and ME 3500 Thermodynamics.
  • The required elective credits can be chosen from courses such as ME 3430 System Dynamics and ME 3501 Fluid Mechanics.
Jeff Smith

Success story: Jeff Smith

"Today I’m living my childhood dream of working in the automotive industry and contributing to the design and manufacturing of semitrucks at Kenworth."

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