Student Stories

Studying mathematics teaches you much more than how to calculate quantities, recognize patterns, apply algorithms, or manipulate formulas. You may be surprised to discover what it can teach you about life.

Find out what these SPU students say about what they’re learning as they pursue their mathematics degrees.

Returning to her birthplace of Seattle, Nicole Rodriguez discovered that by studying math in the Integrated Studies major she can combine her love of teaching with her love of art.

Taught from an early age to have fun with math, Jonathan Van Schenck plans to use his mathematics and physics degrees to uncover some of the world’s mysteries.

Daughter of a high school math teacher, Lanae Hollingsworth plans to follow in her mom’s footsteps — investing in the lives of young people.

In her applied mathematics courses, Theresa Maloney is learning how this major is also applying to her Christian faith.

Being a Mathematics major, says Kate McCully, wouldn’t be the same without this special community around her — students and professors.