Kate McCully ’18

Kate McCully

Hometown: Wheaton, IL
Major: Mathematics

Math has been an interest of mine since I was a little girl — partly due to my dad’s enthusiasm for the subject, and partly due to my own curiosity stemming from his excitement. And now, at Seattle Pacific, I have the opportunity to turn my passion into a career!

In addition to my dad, another math role model for me was my eighth-grade algebra teacher, Mrs. Ortinau. She was an excellent teacher — organized and to the point, with lots of examples and less technical language to accommodate everyone. She helped me realize that I found real joy in sharing my love of mathematics with others. Before that, I had never thought how I would use math in a career that I would enjoy.

I live in the Chicago area now, but I was born in Seattle and lived in the area until I was almost 8 years old. When looking at colleges, I thought coming back to the city where I was born — and where many of my relatives still live — would be exciting and thrilling. I knew of Seattle Pacific because my dad had been an adjunct professor here in the School of Business. Once I had visited, my heart and my mind were set.

Going to a Christian college was important to me. Faith is the most important aspect of my life; though a large part of the college is education, it is not the only focus. It’s also about community and the bonds that you form with others. Knowing that I would be far from home, I knew that I had to be somewhere that had the same values that I had. I am happy to say I have found that here.

Now that I’m a third of the way through my undergraduate experience, I have realized that going through this major would not be the same without the people — professors and students — who surround me.

I truly believe that this campus is special and unique. Coming from the public school system, I was floored that I was listening to my professors pray out loud. Attending a Christian university changed my mindset on truly living in and living out my faith. There is no shortage here of being immersed in love and acceptance.

At the moment, I plan to earn a Secondary Education Certificate in the state of Washington, as well as in some states in the Midwest. After graduation, I would love to start my teaching career at a middle school, but wherever God leads me, I will go.

Nicole Rodriguez

Nicole Rodriguez

Dr. Hossler makes math fun and cares for each of his students on a personal level. While he encourages me in my pursuit of math, he also encourages me to become an educator through his teaching methods.