Students and Faculty in the News

Alice Lau, doctoral student and graduate assistant, recently published an article titled InsertLearning, an Edu Tech Tool in the WAESOL Educator (by Washington Association for the Education of Speakers of Other Languages. The article can be found on pages 43-50 here

Shannon Thissen, doctoral student, had her first Washington state publication on Guidance on Teaching Computer Science in Washington State K-12 Public Schools. Karen Hickenbottom, also a doctoral student, was an integral part of the team putting the publication together. You can read the publication here.

Sarah Zhou, doctoral student, and Dr. Kris Gritter, professor of literacy, are presenting virtually at the National Council of Teachers of English in Denver. They are also writing a manuscript on stories of resilience for non-white male protagonists in Orbis Pictus picture books, along with Dr. Jiang Pu, educational consultant with NextGen Education, and Dr. Munyi Shea, associate professor and director of doctoral programs. 

Posted: Monday, October 26, 2020