Seminary Story: David Sim

I'm a second-generation Korean American and third-generation pastor. In college I got involved in a Bible study through InterVarsity Fellowship. It was the first time I'd engaged in Scripture and related it to my life. I was grateful for the community, and became a Bible study leader.

After graduating from college, I went on staff with InterVarsity as a campus minister for nine years. I left in 2006 and spent a couple years as a postal carrier at the same time as starting seminary at Fuller Northwest. As I delivered mail, I would put on my headphones and listen to my Greek declensions. It was good to have that time to study, listen, and pray.

When I heard about the program at Seattle Pacific Seminary, though, I transferred from Fuller.

Seattle Pacific Seminary

My time here has been invaluable in terms of preparing me for pastoral ministry. SPS is building partnerships among people who share a passion for the kingdom of God — across denominations, across churches, and in parachurch settings.

The classes foster discussion and a real grappling with the material. The professors facilitate that well, so that it's more than just getting my grade and my degree.

I was blessed by my "Global Christian Heritage" class with Priscilla Pope-Levison. We talked about the modern church, its history, and what's happening now. We studied movements like Pentecostalism, liberation theology, and feminist theology. The students bring different perspectives, and that brings challenges, but also excitement.

Asian American Ministry Program

The highlight for me in my involvement with the Asian American Ministry Program is my relationship with Billy. We both feel this is a kairos moment for Asian American churches, leaders, and pastors to bring a prophetic voice to the church in Seattle and our unique contribution to the table of reconciliation.

I'm passionate about raising up Asian American leaders in the church and in the ministry. The AAMP conference last spring was a watershed event. Speakers such as Peter Cha, Ken Fong, Tim Tseng, and Soong-Chan Rah are pillars in the Asian American church nationally.

Long-term Plans

Church planting is in my blood, but moving around that much was hard for me. I feel rooted in Seattle now; my wife and I have the sense that this is our home. But in terms of giftedness, am I a senior pastor of an established church? I will wait and see where God takes it. I believe I have the passion, experience, and call to negotiate the waters of teaching, leading, pastoring, and discipling in a multiethnic context. I hold all my dreams and ambitions humbly, with reverence for God's mystery and sovereignty.

Anna Broome

Anna Broome, MDiv '24

Laura Shigeta

Laura Shigeta, MDiv '26