Overview of Grievance Procedures

Seattle Pacific University has established various grievance procedures for different types of discrimination, harassment and other misconduct complaints. These procedures are intended to promote a safe and healthy working and learning environment and to comply with applicable laws. The list below briefly describes each procedure, and each individual procedure states more specifically the scope and elements of such procedure, including if and how a formal complaint may be filed.

  • Title IX Sexual Harassment and Related Conduct Policy: This Policy informs members of the University community about the University's prohibition against Sexual Harassment and Retaliation. It provides information about resources, reporting options, and prompt and equitable resolution options. The Policy reinforces the University's commitment to preventing and responding to Sexual Harassment in a manner consistent with applicable federal, state, and local law. Consistent with the procedures set forth and referenced in this Policy, the University will take steps to eliminate Sexual Harassment, prevent its recurrence, and remedy any discriminatory effects for members of the University community. 
  • Student Accountability Process: This process is used to examine alleged violations of Student Standards of Conduct by undergraduate students and is managed by the Office of Student Life. It may be used, for example, when there are alleged acts of discrimination or harassment by one student against another that are not subject to other SPU grievance procedures. Students may report alleged conduct violations, but there is not a formal role for complainants in the accountability process.
  • Discrimination and Harassment Grievance Procedure (DHGP): The DHGP is the applicable procedure for formal complaints against employees in violation of SPU’s nondiscrimination policy, but that are not subject to the Title IX Sexual Harassment and Related Conduct Policy.
  • Anti-Bullying Complaint Procedure: Employees may make formal complaints alleging conduct in violation of SPU’s Anti-Bullying Policy pursuant to this procedure.