Report a Concern

All members of the university community may make reports of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, bias, hazing, bullying or criminal activity by submitting the Report a Concern form or by making a report in person or by phone to a member of SPU's Response Team.

The Report a Concern form should not be used for emergency purposes. In the event of an emergency, call 911 for assistance if you are off campus, or 206.281.2911 if you are on campus.


SPU Credentials Required

When submitting an online Report of Concern, reporting parties will need to log on to SPU applications using their SPU credentials.

Reports may be submitted with attribution or submitted anonymously. Reports submitted anonymously will not include IP Addresses or other identifiable information. Although SPU takes seriously each report that is submitted, its ability to respond to anonymous reports may be limited.

Core members of the Response Team members include:

  • Ms. Cheryl Michaels, Interim Title IX Coordinator |Director of Safety and Security, (206) 281-2625; 
  • Mr. Terry Winn, Assistant Vice President of Human Resources | Interim Section 504 Coordinator: (206) 281-2678;

Human Resources, Student life professionals, and/or legal counsel may additionally be consulted depending on the severity of the conduct reported and the status of the individuals named in the report.

After the initial review of the submitted report, members of the Response Team will reach out to the affected individual(s) to discuss any applicable policies and procedures, confidentiality and its limitations, and available resources and support. If necessary, the Response Team may refer the affected individual(s) to the office or agency most capable of responding to the issue. If more information is needed, the affected individual may be contacted with an invitation to schedule an intake interview with the appropriate University personnel. 

The University takes seriously each report that is submitted. Individuals are welcome to contact members of the Response Team to ask questions or talk through their situation before or after submitting this form and may do so without entering the Formal Complaint process.

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