Fire Safety/Crime Prevention

Here are a few resources to help keep you safe before an emergency happens. For more information, contact SPU’s Office of Safety and Security directly at 206-281-2922. (In an emergency, call 206-281-2911.) We’re here to help.

Fire Safety Resources

  • Make sure you’re signed up for the SPU-Alert Emergency Notification System, our essential tool to keep you informed in case of a fire or other emergency.
  • Become familiar with SPU’s emergency plan, and learn what to do in case of fire or other hazards.
  • Get a copy of Stop. Think. Act. This booklet contains a list of evacuation sites for each building and steps to take in response to specific emergencies.
  • Our annual report includes everything you need to know about smoke alarms/detectors, fire alarms, evacuation procedures, inspections, drills, and how to stay safe in residence halls.

Crime Prevention Tips

What is Crime Prevention?

Crime prevention is the anticipation, the recognition, and the appraisal of a crime risk and the initiation of action to remove or reduce it.

Crime prevention is a shared responsibility. It is not just a college problem or a police problem.

Three elements must be present for a crime to occur: desire, ability, and opportunity. This is also known as the crime triangle. A person may “want” to commit a crime, and have the “ability” to commit a crime, but if we deny them the “opportunity,” then no crime can be committed. Seattle Pacific University wants to help individuals make decisions in their everyday lives to reduce the opportunity for crime to occur, whether on campus or not.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

From verbal harassment to molestation to assault, every day, women, men​, non-binary individuals, and children are affected by the pain and trauma of sexual violence. Sexual violence affects individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances. Recent studies highlight the prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses. Research has shown that approximately 13% of undergraduate and graduate student respondents across 33 universities reported experiencing nonconsensual sexual contact by physical force, threats of physical force, or incapacitation since they enrolled at their university.

To increase awareness about this issue, prevent future crimes, and aid victims, SPU recognizes April as National Sexual Assault Awareness Month. To learn more about April Events contact the Office of Safety & Security at 206-281-2922, or visit the OSS Sexual Violence Resources website or download the Gender-Based Violence Community Resource Guide


SPU's Emergency Procedures Handbook

Learn what you would need to do in case of a campus emergency before one happens.