Parking Forms

  • E-Permit Application for students and for faculty/staff: This form is for the purpose of registering your vehicle and or purchasing permits. All SPU community members (students, faculty, and staff) are required to register their vehicle, which can be done for free with the "Street Parking" permit option
  • Parking Account Change (Vehicle, Permit, or Stall): This form is for the purpose of making a change to your parking account. This can include changing permit type, updating vehicle information, or requesting a stall change.
  • Parking Citation Petition: This form is for the purpose of submitting a request to petition your citation. If you believe you have received a citation in error, and have read the parking regulations in full, you can submit a request for the citation to be voided and refunded. Submission of the form does not guarantee a voided status. Upon receiving a submission, the Transportation team will be in contact regarding the decision.
  • Temporary Vehicle: This form is for the purpose of updating your vehicle information on a temporary basis, such as if your vehicle is undergoing maintenance or other similar instances.
  • Parking Cancellations: This form is for the purpose of requesting a cancellation of a permit or ORCA card plan. For more details on the ORCA card plans, please see the Student Commuting Options and Faculty/Staff Commuting options pages.
  • Parking Questions: This form is for the purpose of receiving parking questions. The Office of Safety and Security receives a large influx of calls and emails and this form has been designated to improve response time and efficiency. Please submit this form and review our website before calling or emailing with general parking questions.
  • CTR Participation: This form is for the purposes of Faculty or Staff signing up for the Commute Trip Reduction program.
  • Motor Pool Reservation Request: This form is for the purpose of requesting the use of motor pool vehicles. Please see the Employee Motor Pool page for policies, procedures, and other details
  • Driver Training Request: This form is for the purpose of an SPU community member (student, faculty, or staff) requesting to be added to the Defensive Driving training course