Domestic & Dating Violence Awareness Month

Love Shouldn't Hurt

The month of October is recognized nationally as domestic violence awareness month.  SPU participates in this national campaign by raising awareness on campus about domestic violence and dating violence, also known as intimate partner violence. SPU wants to help students and employees understand, prevent, and (if applicable) recover from domestic and dating violence.


Red Flag Campaign - Ongoing


Survivor Love Letter – Virtual


October 22nd - Wear Purple for Domestic Violence Awareness Day. Post a picture on social media bring awareness to the epidemic of domestic violence co-occurring with the pandemic.

Webinars and Workshops 

27th Annual Domestic Violence Conference (County of Santa Clara) - This free conference will examine the long-term--and sometimes hidden--impacts of domestic violence on the health and well-being of the entire family and the long journey towards healing. Visit the website for a full list of webinars. Some offerings include

  • October 16 at 11:30am “The Little Blue Bubble: How Teen Dating Violence Manifests Online”
  • October 16 at 2:00pm “Universal Education: A Local Approach to Improving Health Outcomes for Survivors”
  • October 26 at 8:00am “The Last Warning Shot presented by the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention”
  • October 30 at 11:30am “Supporting Queer and Trans Survivors Self Determination”

At Home with One Love Fall SessionsOne Love was founded in honor of Yeardley Love: A young woman who tragically lost her life at 22. Her death was completely preventable. Their mission is to make sure that it doesn’t happen to others. Register for their Virtual Workshops – one registration to attend one or more workshops. Some upcoming workshops:

  • October 22 at 2pm  “10 Signs and the Disabled Community”
  • October 29 at 1pm “Deconstructing Racism + Discrimination Using the 10 Signs”

What About The Men?

Listen to the conversation about men’s issues within domestic violence with Dr. Nancy Murphy and Andrew J. Bauman

Teen Dating Violence: What Do We Know About Dating Violence from Adolescence into Young Adulthood?

Teen dating violence is a serious public health problem that is also associated with increased odds of experiencing adult intimate partner violence. This webinar will provide newly emerging information from two NIH/NIJ co-funded longitudinal studies about the progression of dating violence in the period between adolescence and early adulthood. 

Seattle Pacific University gratefully acknowledges the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, National Institute of Justice, for allowing us to reproduce, in part or in whole, the video Teen Dating Violence - What Do We Know About Dating Violence from Adolescence into Young Adulthood? The opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this video are those of the speaker(s) and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the U.S. Department of Justice.

There are many opportunities to support Gender Based Violence Education at SPU

Contact OSS to learn ways you can get involved with GBV education, awareness and prevention opportunities through the academic year.