Parking & Vehicle Registration

2023 - 2024 Vehicle Registration and Parking E-Permit Applications Available August 1st, 2023.

Seattle Pacific University's Office of Safety and Security has redesigned the parking system that will be in effect starting August 1st, 2023. The NuPark parking portal is no longer available. All requests and applications will be submitted through forms. Please utilize this list of forms for various requests. Please submit a form depending on your request before calling or emailing.

Each SPU student and employee driving a vehicle to campus must register the vehicle with OSS, even if the vehicle is not parked in an SPU parking lot. Vehicle registration can be completed online. Vehicle information must be updated or verified at the start of each year and whenever vehicle information changes.


Parking permits are now electronic except for Day Passes. If you purchase a permit, you will not be sent a physical decal. Our parking system manages e-permits so enforcement officers will know if a vehicle is authorized to park in any specific lot or stall. Day passes can be picked up at the Office of Safety and Security or mailed to a location of your choice. Please submit your application for an E-Permit.

Parking on Campus

Because street parking is limited and impacts our neighbors, SPU asks each student and employee bringing a car to campus to utilize campus parking lots and obtain a parking permit. Spaces in SPU’s residential lots are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis through the E-Permit Application. Those who apply first will be assigned spaces first. Those with commuter permits also need to submit the E-Permit Application and are not assigned a stall but are enabled to park in any Commuter Lot. The various types of parking permits authorizes students and employees to park in designated areas in these lots, but is not a guarantee that a space is always available, especially during peak hours.

Please note, the public city streets are not monitored by the Transportation department's enforcement officers and is monitored instead by the City of Seattle. If you receive a citation or tow while parked on a public city street, it did not originate from our office.

Parking Rates for Academic Year 23/24

Except for a Day Pass or Book of Day Passes, parking permits are set to an annual price that is charged per quarter (for students) or pay-period (for employees).

 Student commuter e-permit
 $215.00 per quarter
 Student commuter 2nd vehicle  e-permit
 $25.00 per quarter
 Student commuter 2-person carpool  e-permit
 $108.00 per quarter
 Student commuter 3+ person carpool  e-permit
 Student commuter motorcycle  e-permit
 Student Resident: Emerson or Arnett  e-permit
 $225.00 per quarter
 Student Resident: Hill, Ashton, CHA  e-permit
 $215.00 per quarter
 Faculty/Staff commuter  e-permit
 $35.00 per month
 Faculty/Staff 2nd vehiclep  e-permit
 $4.00 per month
 Faculty/Staff 2-person carpool  e-permit
 $17.50 per month
 Faculty/Staff 3 or more person carpool  e-permit
 Faculty/Staff motorcycle  e-permit
 Street parking registration (must register vehicle)
 Book of day passes (20 day passes)
 $60.00 per book


Commuter students, faculty and staff are eligible for a discounted carpool permit. Two-person carpooling requires one driver to register and pay. The other rider can then choose to reimburse the driver for their portion of the carpool cost. Three or more people in a carpool get a space for free. Primary drivers are required to register their vehicle, along with the names and the SPU ID #s of all riders in the vehicle. Faculty and staff will also need to submit the online CTR Participation Agreement Form.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations have been installed at the Ross Lot, Dravus Lot, and Otto Miller Hall South Lot. As these stations are located in campus parking lots, a valid parking permit is required to use them. EV drivers may use the charging stations as available or reserve specific charging times using ChargePoint’s website or mobile app. Charging is priced accordingly: $1.00 / hour for the first four hours and $2.00 / hour thereafter. The E-charge stations have a 4 hour maximum parking limit, as they are meant to just charge your car, and then re-park your car in an appropriate applied-space area. Follow these instructions on how to set up a ChargePoint account and use SPU's charging stations.




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