Faculty/Staff Commuting Options

Faculty and staff: Let us help you plan your commute to and from work. We’ll help you take advantage of subsidies that encourage the use of alternative transportation, and we’ll help you customize your route.

Commute Trip Reduction Incentives

SPU Employee ORCA Card

ORCA cards are available to all Seattle Pacific University employees who use alternative transportation as part of their commute at least three days a week. This card provides unlimited access to Sound, Community, Metro, Kitsap, Everett, and Pierce Transit bus services as well as to the Sounder Train from Tacoma to Everett and the Link Light Rail.

If you have any questions regarding the ORCA card or SPU’s Commute Trip Reduction program, or if you would like more information on developing an alternative commute, contact Heather Eide at eideh@spu.edu or 206-281-2821.

Forms and Information

The SPU ORCA card reflects our efforts to strongly encourage and subsidize employee use of transit and other commute reduction strategies. An annual fee of $25 will be charged as a one-time payroll deduction transaction.

If you would like to renew your ORCA card, complete the Employee ORCA Agreement and Commute Trip Reduction Participation Form and return it to the Office of Safety and Security in person or by mail. Please renew your ORCA card on or before July 31, 2019. If no renewal is completed by this time, your ORCA card will be deactivated, and you will need to submit the required forms to reactivate it.

If you need a new ORCA card, complete the Employee ORCA Agreement and Commute Trip Reduction Participation Form and turn it in at the Office of Safety and Security any weekday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. You will receive your ORCA card at that time.

The following are the various Commute Trip Reduction options that we are offering this year to all regular, full-time University employees (at least .8 FTE or 32 hours a week), who do not live on campus and who utilize an alternative form of transportation at least three days a week:

  • ORCA card: With the SPU ORCA card you receive unlimited access to Sound, Community, Metro, Kitsap, Everett, and Pierce Transit bus service as well as to the Sounder Train from Tacoma to Everett and the Link Light Rail. A bus or connector van can complete your commute from King Street Station to the SPU campus.
  • VanPool: $75 of the monthly fare will be covered through your ORCA card for Community, Kitsap, Metro, and Pierce Transit vanpool vans. Also, riders qualify for five single-day parking passes each quarter for days when they drive alone.
  • VanShare: Metro VanShare provides a van to groups of five or more SPU community commuters connecting them to buses, trains, or ferries at no cost to eligible SPU employees. The University will also provide five single-day parking passes per person each quarter for days when they drive alone.
  • Carpool: A two-person SPU community rider carpool receives a reserved carpool parking space at half the cost of the annual parking fee. A reserved parking space is free to carpools of three or more people. 
  • Ferry: The University will provide a subsidy of up to $35 per month, if you carpool, walk, or bike onto the ferry. Public transit, a vanpool, or a vanshare can complete your commute to SPU.
  • Bicycling/walking: Many University employees live within bicycling and walking distance of campus. To encourage this type of commuting, the University offers free lockers and access to showers at Royal Brougham Pavilion for those full-time employees who will be biking or walking to work at least three days per week. Bikers are encouraged to use Bike Index, an online searchable database that is used to identify stolen bikes and assist police with the recovery of stolen property. Users can register their bike for free at www.bikeindex.org .
  • Zipcar: Zipcar is a car-sharing company that rents cars by the hour. SPU faculty and staff that routinely bicycle, walk, bus, or carpool to work may use the campus Zipcars for free for up to 12 hours per month to run personal errands of 2 hours or less during the workday.
  • Guaranteed Ride Home: SPU offers emergency taxi service to commuters arriving at work by an alternative mode (bus, carpool, vanshare/pool, bicycle or walking). You can use the service up to eight times per calendar year. Rides are limited to 60 miles one-way. If you require this service, please contact the transportation manager at 206-281-2911.
  • Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles: SPU has charging stations on campus available for electric vehicles. Please email eideh@spu.edu for more information.

If you are a full-time Faculty or Staff member and are interested in signing up, please contact our Transportation Manager at eideh@spu.edu.

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2019-20 Faculty Staff Parking Rates & ORCA Card Information

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Parking Changes – Submit any changes regarding your vehicle.

Parking Petition – Petition a citation received while parked in University lots.

Special Event Guest Pass – Email the Transportation Coordinator to request parking passes for your special event and/or guest speaker.