Suspicious Behavior

Remember — people are not suspicious, behaviors are. 

So, if you see a person behaving in a way that catches your attention and causes you concern, trust your instinct. Call and notify Safety and Security. The following are some examples of a person behaving suspiciously:

  • A person carrying or concealing a knife or a weapon.
  • A person circling a building and looking in the windows.
  • A person walking through a parking lot looking into vehicle windows. 
  • A person going into an office or building that they don’t belong in.
  • A person loitering outside a locked access door.
  • A person following someone through a locked access door.
  • A person asking for money or a person offering items for sale in buildings without authorization.
  • A person leaving a package unattended.
  • A person who seems to be wandering and scanning for unattended property.
  • A person or persons you do not recognize going from room to room or office to office.

If you are the victim of a crime, see a crime being committed or see suspicious activity, gather as much of the following information as possible. When you call Safety and Security and 911 this will greatly help their response.

General Information:
  • What is the location of the incident?
  • What is the time the incident occurred?
  • What is the date the incident occurred, if not immediately reporting?
  • Is the person on foot, in a car, or other mode of transportation?
  • What is the direction of travel of the suspect?
  • Did the person have a weapon or say they have a weapon?
  • Describe the behavior that caught your attention.
Suspect Information:
  • Is the person male or female?
  • Are they an adult? Juvenile? What is their approximate age?
  • What race are they?
  • What is their approximate height/weight?
  • What is their hair color?
  • What is their eye color?
  • Do they have any unique identifying qualities? 
    • Mustache, beard, sideburns or other facial hair
    • Tattoos, scars or other identifying marks
    • Gait, limp or amputations… etc. 
  • Describe the person from top to bottom:
    • Head: Hat? Glasses?
    • Shirt type/color
    • Pants type/color
    • Shoes
Automobile Information:
  • What is the Make/Model of the vehicle?
  • What color is the vehicle?
  • What year is the vehicle?
  • What body style is the vehicle? (2-door, 4-door, convertible, truck, etc)
  • What is the vehicle’s license plate number?
  • Does the vehicle have any distinguishing features? (spoiler, racing stripes, tinting, damage, etc.)