Respondent Resources

Seattle Pacific University is committed to a fair and supportive learning environment where every individual is treated with dignity and respect. In compliance with University grievance processes, all parties to a formal complaint are granted procedural protections, including access to resources and support services.

Procedural Protections

If you have been named as a Respondent to a formal complaint under the Discrimination and Harassment Grievance Procedure or the Title IX Sexual Harassment and Related Conduct Procedure, you can expect:

  • To be treated with respect and without prejudice or presumption. 
  • To be provided with an explanation of the complaint that has been filed against you and by whom.
  • To know of any interim limitations or restrictions placed upon you because of the complaint.
  • To know the status of the complaint at any point in the process.
  • Access to available university resources and support.
  • Access to an advisor of your choosing to assist you during the Title IX Sexual Harassment and Related Conduct Procedure, so long as your advisor does not delay or obstruct the process. Your advisor may accompany you to all administrative meetings and proceedings related to the resolution of a complaint, including interviews with the investigator.  

You May Request Information and Assistance

As a participant in a formal university grievance process, it is important that you are aware of the process that is being used to address and resolve the complaint. The Process Facilitator will keep you apprised of the various stages of the grievance process, including when taking any action related to addressing and resolving the issues. Additionally, you may contact the appropriate Process Facilitator if you would like assistance in accessing the available campus resources and support services.