Mailing and Copying Services

The SPU Mailing Services building

Located at 323 W. Nickerson Street, Mailing and Copying Services is a full-service mailing and copying office for the Seattle Pacific University community staffed with a qualified team of professionals, technology, and equipment.

Mailing Services accepts only cash, check, or Falcon Funds in payment.

Mail deadlines

For same-day processing, your mail and/or packages must be in the Mailing Center, at the front counter:

  • First-class mail by mid-afternoon.
  • UPS by 3:30 p.m.

Full-service copying (fac/staff)

Personal service copying

Online FedEx Office

Here's how to submit an online FedEx Office project

A plethora of stamps

First-class postage rate: 60 cents

View more postal rates.

Campus Mailing Suite Numbers

Need a school, department, or office mailing suite number? Look here for the most up-to-date list of campus mailing suite numbers.