Faculty and Staff

an SPU Mailing Services employee pushes the mail cart through Tiffany Loop

Mailing Services offers these options for faculty, staff, and others in the campus community:

Campus mail pick-up

Beginning Feb. 1, 2023, all mail and packages must be picked up directly from Mailing Services. In working to steward resources responsibly, Mailing Services eliminated delivery routes at this time. Each department must make arrangements to collect their items on a regular basis.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this imposes, but please know we remain committed to supporting you and your department’s operations. If any of you have any question or concerns, feel free to contact us at 206-281-2077.

  • When you expect a large or unusual shipment, notify the Mailing Services assistant manager at 206-281-2619.
  • Mailing Services is closed on weekends or holidays. 

Department mail charges

When you request mail to be metered and charged to a department, you must attach the appropriate blue slip with account number, type of service requested, and number of mail pieces.

  • Departmental mail must be delivered to Mailing Services before 3 p.m. to be sent out that day.
  • When you request mail to be metered and charged to the department, you must have a blue slip/budget number accompanying the mail to be metered.
  • Mail must be rubber-banded and the blue slip properly marked as to how the mail is to be processed.
  • When purchasing stamps charged to a department, blue slip/budget number slips are required.

Campus mass distributions

Mass mailing distributions must be accompanied by the blanket-distribution green slip, which is available in Mailing Services.

General stuffers and flyers

All flyers and mailbox stuffers must be accompanied by a blanket-distribution slip indicating staff/faculty, student mailstops, or campuswide distribution. Forms are available in Mailing Services.

Information contained in the approved flyers must not be used for the purpose of solicitation of any type from persons or affiliations not associated with Seattle Pacific University.

Campus Zip+4 codes

Which Zip+4 goes with the suite numbers?

  • Suites 101–120: 98119-1922
  • Suites 201–220: 98119-1950
  • Suites 310-320: 98119-1957