Frequently Asked Questions


Where is my student mailbox located, and how long will I have it?

Student mailboxes are located outside of the Student Union Building. You are assigned a mailstop when you first enroll at SPU and sign up for on campus housing. You will keep the same mailstop assignment as long as you remain enrolled and live in mailstop-eligible on-campus housing, with the exception of some campus apartments that do receive mail deliveries.

Once you move off campus housing, your mail will be forwarded to that address, if you have notified Mailing Services by updating Banner. You will also need to notify the USPS of your change of address.

What happens to my mail during the summer?

All student mailstops are closed during the summer unless you reside in campus housing. Your first-class mail will be forwarded to your permanent address, which is found in Banner. Campus mail will be returned to the sending department.

What about magazines?

We are only able to forward first-class mail. Nonprofit and presorted standard mail is recycled. Contact your subscription provider to advise of your summer address to have magazines re-routed by the post office to that address.

When does my mail get put into my mailbox?

Students’ incoming mail is sorted and put into their mailboxes by approximately 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

What happens if I receive a package?

You will be notified through your SPU email account that you have received a package in Mailing Services. Standard policy is to hold packages for 5 days before returning to sender where possible or discarding so please be sure to come pick up your item in a timely manner. If an extenuating circumstance is keeping you from collecting your item(s) please reach out to Mailing & Copying Services to make special arrangements.

What does the Mail Center accept as payment?

Mailing & Copying Services accepts credit card, and where applicable, can utilize an SPU department budget number to charge mailing, custom printing, and packaging costs to an internal department.

Can I buy stamps in Mailing Services?

Yes. We sell stamps, envelopes, packing materials, and various-sized boxes.

When is the mail picked up?

USPS mail is picked up at approximately 3 p.m. Monday–Friday. The USPS does service the blue mailbox outside the Student Union Building on Saturdays.

What if I am expecting something on Saturday?

Mailing Services is closed on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. You may pick up your packages the following Monday when Mailing Services reopens.

May I borrow a hand truck?

Faculty, staff, and students may borrow Mailing Services hand trucks and flat bed carts. Simply provide your Falcon Card to check one out.

Where is the nearest U.S. post office?

There are two close to the campus:

  • Ballard Post Office at 5706 17th Ave. NW, Seattle, 98107 (206-781-4656).
  • Queen Anne Post Office at 415 First Ave. N, Seattle 98109 (206-378-4000).

How do I change my address if needed?

  • Log into Banner.
  • Choose “Personal Menu.”
  • Choose “Personal Information Menu.”
  • Choose “Update Address and Phone.”
  • Go to the selection box located at bottom of page and click the drop-down arrow.
  • Choose which address you wish to change from list.
  • Click “Submit”
  • Type in your change of address and click “Submit.”

I can’t remember my combination, so what do I do?

Instructions are on page 2 of this Mailstop informational PDF, including how to retrieve your combination.

What happens to my mail if I study off campus or take a leave of absence?

While away from campus, please notify family, friends, and other senders of your address and request that mail and packages be sent to your permanent/home address rather than to campus. If, during your time away from campus, you determine that a sensitive package or item of mail is or will be sent to your campus address, please contact Mailing Services. We can assist you with paying to have your item sent on to you or your home address, or in some cases can hold on to items for you until you return.

What happens to my packages during the summer?

You will be notified through your SPU email account that you have a package in Mailing Services. As a courtesy, we will hold it for 5 days.

If no communication is received from you, the package will be returned to the sender if the courier is UPS, FedEx, ONTRAC, or Amazon. If the courier is the U.S. Postal Service, the package cannot be forwarded without payment from you to do so and will be discarded if no communication is received.

What is the mailing address if I want to send my student a package?

Please mark clearly your return name and address in the upper left-hand corner of the mail piece. Address the package as follows:

Your student’s name
Seattle Pacific University
3307 3rd Ave W Mailstop # _________
_ (your student received this after being assigned on campus housing)
Seattle, WA 98119

Addressing your package incorrectly will cause delays, or the package to be undeliverable. Thank you for addressing it completely so that we can get it to your student in an accurate and timely manner.

Our staff is available to help you if you have any questions or concerns regarding mail for your student.

I don’t see my question here. What should I do?

Call Mailing Services at 206-281-2077.

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