About Ecovive Recycle

Seattle Pacific first instituted a formal recycling program in 1991.  Within two years, 15% of campus waste was being diverted from the landfill.


Since then, Ecovive has grown into a comprehensive recycling network responsible for recycling the following items:

Aluminum cans
Packing peanuts
Books & magazines
Computers & monitors (CIS)
Printer cartridges
Grass clippings
Flower bed material
Leaves & tree branches
Surplus furnishings
Motor oil & filters
Scrap metal
Fluorescent light bulbs
Used freon


Every office space and dorm room on campus is provided with a recycling receptacle, which can be emptied into central collection bins located within each office building or residence hall floor.  Student workers empty these centralized bins into vendor-serviced dumpsters. 


In addition to this year-round program, expanded recycling services are offered at the beginning and end of each academic year to assist in handling the added volume of materials associated with student move-in and move-out.


Now in its 22nd year of operation, Ecovive owes its success to the coordination of campus community members, student employees, Building Maintenance staff, and multiple haulers.