Employee Assistance and Emergency Travel Assistance Program

Secure Travel:  available for employees with basic or additional accident insurance (AD&D). 


  • Dependents (spouse/children) are only eligible if they have additional voluntary accident insurance (AD&D).
  • Additional voluntary AD&D insurance is purchased together with additional voluntary life insurance. 
  • Coverages are through SPU's Cigna policy with additional voluntary life insurance generally subject to a medical questionnaire (Evidence of Insurability) and approval of the insurance company. 
  • Dependents may only receive additional voluntary life with AD&D if the employee has also purchased additional voluntary life with AD&D for as much or more coverage as dependent(s).

Life Assistance Program:  Just when you think you have it figured out, along comes a challenge. But whether those challenges are big or small, your Life Assistance & Work/Life Support Program is available to help you and your family find a solution and restore your peace of mind. Three free face-to-face counseling sessions for your and your household memebers.  Also includes legal consultation, parenting resources, child/elder/pet care resources, temporary child-care backup care resources.  You would pay for any services selected.

Will Preparation: CIGNA makes it easy for you to take charge of those difficult life and health care legal decisions: Last Will and Testament, Living Will, Healthcare and/or Financial Power of Attorney, Medical Authorization for Minors and Funeral Planning Resources.

Identity Theft:  available with employees who have basic life, accident and/or disability coverage.Helping combat identity theft where your name, Social Security number, bank or credit account number(s), or driver’s license numbers are being fraudulently used. Victims often experience a cumbersome, time-intensive process to restore their credit records and good name. If you have CIGNA’s Group life, accident or disability coverage. This program provides resolution services to help you work through critical identity theft issues you may encounter.

Lifestyle Management Program: Need help with weight management, stress management or tobacco cessation? This is available for employees with Cigna medical insurance coverage. 

Healthy Rewards Program: This is available for employees with Cigna medical insurance coverage .Discounts on services you may already be paying for:  Weight Management and Nutrition, Vision and Hearing Care, Tobacco Cessation, Alternative Medicines (acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathic services), Vitamins and other Health and Wellness.