At the Mail Center, you will also find these mailing options:


Daily pickup at approximately 3 p.m.


Daily pick-up approximately 11:00 a.m.
Note: We do not process FedEx or DHL packages, but they may be dropped off for pick-up.

International Mail

Global Express

  • Not available to all countries.
  • May be insured up to a maximum of $5,000.
  • Insured for $100 against loss, damage, or rifling at no additional cost.
  • No guarantee on delivery time.
  • 70 pounds maximum weight.
  • 36” maximum length.
  • 79” maximum, length/girth combined.

Global Priority

  • Maximum weight not over 4 pounds.
  • Maximum length 24”.
  • Maximum length, height, and thickness combined 36”.
  • Minimum length and height 5 ½” x 3 ½”.
  • Not available to all countries.
  • Receives priority handling in the United States and in destination countries.
  • 6-7 day delivery, not guaranteed.
  • Cannot insure, register, or use return receipt.
  • Can obtain a certificate of mailing.

Customs Forms

  • Required on all foreign mail weighing over 1 pound.
  • May be required on foreign mail weighing under 1 pound, depending on the shape and size of the article.
  • Two different forms
    • Form 2976 for mail under 4 pounds.

Form 2976-A for mail over 4 pounds.

Department Mail Charges
Departmental mail may come to the Mail Center via the delivery routes or in person.
When you request mail to be metered and charged to the department, you must have a Blue Slip/Budget Number accompanying the mail to be metered. Mail must be rubber-banded and the Blue Slip properly marked as to how the mail is to be processed.

Blue Slip/Budget Number slips are required when purchasing stamps charged to the department.

General Stuffers and Flyers
All flyers and mailbox stuffers must be accompanied with a Blanket Distribution slip indicating staff/faculty, student mailstops, or campus-wide distribution. Forms are available in the Mailing Services Center.
Information contained in the approved flyers must not be used for the purpose of solicitation of any type from persons or affiliations not associated with Seattle Pacific University.

Delivery Time
Plan for at least three days to one week delivery time from the time the mail reaches the Post Office to its destination within a 100-mile radius. Plan for six to eight days delivery for the West Coast area. Plan seven to 10 days for Midwest delivery and up to two weeks for the East Coast.

Mailing Services will generally process Bulk Mail the same day it is received, subject to several factors: size of bulk, time of receipt, volume of other first class mail, and availability of personnel.