Jessica Wu, DNP ’21

jessica wu

Hometown: Newcastle, WA
Undergraduate Major: Nursing
Graduate: Doctor of Nursing Practice

I have always felt called to work in the healthcare field, as I have a strong desireto help and serve others. Jesus commanded the disciples to go out to heal the sick and care for those in need, so I felt called to answer Jesus’ command to care for others as a nurse.

It is always inspiring to see acutely ill patients, who originally come in unable to walk or performbasic personal care, overcome their physical illness, heal, and be able to return home. The satisfaction in being able to support and assist individuals who need compassionate care drives my commitment to serve and care for those who are ill or in need. 

I had the opportunity to become a nurse manager in a skilled nursing facility for several years and worked closely with several nurse practitioners. At first, I was not sure if I wanted to be a nurse practitioner, but I saw a growing need for nurse practitioners and enjoyed collaborating with an interprofessional team and providers to ensure quality patient care. Many of my co-workers and providers whom I worked withall strongly encouraged me to become a nurse practitioner, stating that I would be great in the role. Seattle Pacific University was the alma mater of one of the nurse practitioners and she recommended that I should apply. 

SPU’s graduate nursing program was very appealing to me, due to the program’s emphasis on incorporating faith with healthcare and learning, as well as the flexible schedule and smaller class sizes. I attended one of the Doctor of Nursing Practice program’s open house events and everyone was very open and informative. All my questions and concerns were addressed, and the application process was easy and intuitive, leaving me confident that SPU was the school for me.

During my time in the DNP program, I have greatly enjoyed the program and my classes. I have built great relationships with my classmates and professors, due to the smaller class sizes. The professors have been very supportive, and are open in discussing their faith, and how it applies to their practice. 

The program and professors have provided excellent opportunities that allowed me to gain clinical experience in multiple different settings and patient populations. As a future nurse leader, I feel prepared to influence and improve healthcare systems and the field of nursing, whether through evidence-based practice, organizational management, or becoming involved in legislation. 

The DNP program at SPU has given mean appreciation of all the professors’ support of and dedication to our learning to ensure my classmates and I receive the necessary skills and experience to become successful nurse practitioners and future leaders in healthcare. After graduation, I hope to continue serving others as a nurse practitioner in the adult-geriatric community, especially as there is a growing need with our aging baby boomer population.

Yashica Crumpton

Yashica Crumpton’s Story

“When I was in the Navy, my primary care provider was a nurse practitioner. She was so gentle, and always made me feel like she was present, which had a large impact on me. I was given the opportunity to apply to a new officer program, and one of the choices was to become a nurse.”