Yashica Crumpton MSN-CLIP ’16

Yashica Crumpton

Hometown: Omaha, NE
Major: Clinical Leadership in Practice

When I was in the Navy, my primary care provider was a nurse practitioner. She was so gentle and always made me feel like she was present, which had a large impact on me. I was given the opportunity to apply to a new officer program and one of the choices was to become a nurse. Although I was unfamiliar with the nursing profession, I asked my nurse if I could shadow her to see if I would like the job. After my Master Chief kept pushing me to apply to the program, I decided to become a nurse.

I was definitely called to SPU. At the time, SPU had a partnership with my employer and I would always walk by a flyer hanging in our break room. Eventually, I realized that if the flyer kept standing out to me, it must mean that I should act on it. After using the contact information on the flyer, everyone I spoke to was kind and patient, and made me feel confident that SPU’s program was the best fit for me.

Since coming to SPU, I have continually matured to see that I have an important role in nursing leadership and that I have the tools necessary to contribute to nursing in a positive way. My faith has also grown with me. Because the program has had such a deep impact on me, I know that God led me to SPU. Even close to graduation, when I want to see my future set in stone, I have learned not to worry, because I know that God always has my back.

The SPU nursing program has shown me that the future leaders of nursing are bright and dynamic, and have a genuine passion to improve global health care systems. While I learned more about myself, my instructors encouraged and gave me the best educational experience I have had thus far. Dr. Wild made a lasting impression on me by causing a major personal shift for me. Through our conversations, she has made me realize that I will be a leader who should always be thinking about my decisions and how they will affect my practice of professional nursing.

I have never felt so connected to the educational process as I have at SPU. After graduation, I will be joining Group Health’s Nursing Operations team. I am looking forward to utilizing the many tools I have developed in this program to treat and aid my future patients.

William Nguyen

William Nguyen’s Story

“The night before I was due to enlist in the Army Reserves, I came down with the shingles virus. What was mistaken for a bad rash quickly turned into a bacterial infection, which would render me immobile for two weeks. The hopes I had of becoming an explosive ordnance disposal technician quickly slipped away.”