Staff Profile

Michelle Anastacio

Michelle Anastacio

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 206-281-2612
Office: SHS 110

First Generation student

Education: At SPU since 2022.

Michelle Anastacio Trujeque is Administrative Assistant for the Academic Program managers at the School of Health Sciences. Ms. Anastacio assists in coordinating programmatic events, coordinating the admission process, and in answering student inquiries for the undergraduate and graduate programs. Overall, she facilitates communication between the student and relevant resources.

Before becoming a student at SPU, her jobs as administrative assistant allowed Ms. Anastacio to build up the skills that guided her as a Student Employee for the School of Health Sciences. After SPU, she continues to build on her interpersonal, and professional skills that her navigate her life, she also spends her time learning about the world through new hobbies, watching good films, and discovering new music.

Why I Work at SPU

Michelle Anastacio, Administrative Assistant for School of Health Sciences

“Having been a student at SPU, I truly appreciate the work the staff and faculty have done for their students. SPU employees in general are a real example of a grace-filled universe and I am so thankful to be a part of a team that serves our future nurses!”