First-Year Direct Admit

Direct Admission: What does it mean?

It means you’re in.

Congratulations! We are excited that you have been invited to join our Seattle Pacific University community! Admission to the Lydia Green Nursing Program at SPU is highly competitive. Your offer of direct admission to the Nursing major ensures that you have a reserved seat in the program, and that you will bypass the traditional competitive application process for admission — as long as eligibility requirements are met.

The SPU advantage

Seattle Pacific is known for developing students of competence and character, as well as for delivering robust academics and relationship-centered learning grounded in Christian faith and values. BSN graduates of Seattle Pacific University are among today’s most sought-after practitioners, expertly prepared to meet the challenges of their fields and serve their communities.

Here, you’ll find faculty members who are committed to preparing you for success in the professional community. This means that personal, individual attention will be a significant part of your academic experience. What’s more, SPU faculty members bring real-world experience to your program, making coursework stimulating and clinically relevant.

You will be part of a cohort that will foster deep learning and enhanced opportunities for student-faculty relationships. Professional nursing is grounded in relationships — with patients, families, peers, and mentors. The smaller class size will help you get to know your faculty better and for them to know you and how you learn.

The School of Health Sciences has its own dedicated building for the Nursing program. The newly redesigned building offers flexible learning spaces, with four 40-person classrooms, two seminar rooms, faculty offices, and a Clinical Learning Lab. The new lab provides realistic spaces where you can learn and practice using equipment that is similar to what you’ll see in actual hospital and clinic settings.

The Details

Your direct admit offer is contingent upon your continuous full-time attendance at SPU and continually maintaining a 2.85 GPA in the nine nursing-specific pre-requisites (for courses taken at SPU); or a cumulative GPA of 3.5 for all tansfer pre-requisite courses AND maintaining an overall SPU cumulative GPA of 2.0 to remain in good standing with the University. All prerequisites must be completed with a minimum grade of “C” (2.0 on a 4.0 scale) to be considered successfully completed. In addition, there can be no more than two repeats of any prerequisite courses due to an earned grade below 2.0 (C- or lower).

Prerequisite courses required prior to entry into Nursing program

☐ General Chemistry CHEM 1310 (5)

☐ Biological Chemistry CHEM 1360 (5)

☐ Human Nutrition FCS 3340 (5)

☐ Human Anatomy & Physiology BIO 2129 (5)

☐ Human Anatomy & Physiology BIO 2130 (5)

☐ General Microbiology BIO 3351 (5)

☐ General Psychology PSY 1180 (5)

☐ Lifespan Developmental Psych PSY 2470 (5)

☐ Statistics: MAT 2360 or MAT 1300 (5)

You will work closely with your academic advisor to plan your program of study — not only for the nursing prerequisites but also for your other general education courses and co-curricular parts of your educational plan. 

When do I start?

You will be admitted to the Nursing program as a part of a cohort. We admit a cohort two times a year, in Autumn, and Winter Quarters. When you start depends on when you complete your prerequisite courses.

Most students complete their prerequisite courses during their first six quarters at SPU. If you have completed at least four prerequisite courses and are on track to complete your prerequisites by the end of Spring Quarter, you can be considered for an Autumn or Winter start. SPU students are assigned randomly to either the Autumn or Winter cohort. You may self-select into the Winter start but not the Autumn start. 

Recap the details

Eligibility requirements

  • Continuous full-time attendance at SPU and continually maintaining an overall SPU cumulative GPA of 2.0 to remain in good standing with the University
  • Maintain at all times minimum 2.85 GPA in SPU's prerequisite courses, with no single course grade less than 2.0.
  • No more than two repeats of any prerequisite courses due to a grade below 2.0.
  • Entry into the Autumn or Winter cohorts is random placement.

Completion of prerequisite coursework

Autumn or Winter Quarter cohort start:
All 9 courses should be completed by the end of Spring Quarter. If transferring in credits, transcripts must be submitted to SPU by June 30.

Frequently asked questions

Will a Winter Quarter admission affect financial aid?

Because each student’s financial aid is unique to their situation, we recommend you consult with Student Financial Services.

If I am admitted to the Winter cohort, what do I do Autumn Quarter?

  • Get a head start and take UCOR 3000 and/or UFDN 3100
    Completing these general education courses before starting in the Nursing program frees up time in your schedule for work, elective coursework, or other activities.
  • Take classes toward a minor
    Many students pursue a minor in Psychology, Communication, Information Studies, or Bioethics. Each is a great complement to nursing.
  • Study abroad
    Check out the Study Abroad website or make an appointment to chat with them in person.
  • Take supplemental classes to benefit and deepen your understanding of the program
    Take time to look though the time schedule. Many fascinating classes could relate to the work you’ll do after graduation, like sociology, psychology, health & fitness, and especially art and music.
  • Get an internship
    Your faculty advisor and the Center for Career and Calling can be great resources as you figure out which internship might be a good fit for you. 
  • Take up a hobby
    Learn a new skill or invest in a habit that will bring you joy and balance. We all can use a little time to invest in ourselves.
  • Take a quarter off
    Be sure to complete a Leave of Absence form, located on the SAS website or outside the SAS office.

How can I get involved in the Nursing program before actually entering the program?

Join NAPS, the Nursing and Pre-Nursing club at SPU, sponsored by Associated Students of Seattle Pacific (ASSP). Meetings are one or two times a month, focused on forming a community of future nurses that help each other reach the common goal of graduating with a BSN.

Meetings offer a wide variety of helpful topics and information, including:

  •  Volunteer opportunities
  •  Learning more about the nursing role from alumni
  •  Learning what the program is like, from current students
  •  Community charitable event sponsorships
  •  Camaraderie with Nursing and Pre-Nursing students

COVID-19 Best Practices

While SPU does grant medical and religious medical exemptions for the general population of students, the nursing program does require the most recent COVID-19 vaccine recommendations.