Theological Resources for Congregations

The Walls Professor of Wesleyan Studies (Dr. Strong), along with other faculty of the School of Theology and Seattle Pacific Seminary, are available to work directly with churches, pastors, and congregational leaders. They can assist congregations, parachurch organizations, and other Christian agencies to develop discipleship programming, worship arts leadership, small group ministries, youth and young adult ministries, and Bible studies. They have made presentations on topics such as Christian heritage, the digital transformation of the church, meaningful virtual worship, evangelism, church planting, and social entrepreneurship. And they have led discussions on contemporary ethical issues including Christian perspectives on artificial intelligence, cultural competence, diversity and inclusion, and racial justice.

Dr. Strong and other faculty members have expertise regarding Wesleyan spiritual practices, such as class meetings (accountable small group discipleship), testimony and fellowship gatherings, spiritual mentoring, sacramental theology, and other means of grace. These spiritual practices have been found to be very effective in churches that come from the Wesleyan tradition as well as in congregations from other denominational (or nondenominational) backgrounds. Dr. Strong can work directly with congregational leaders, or if preferred, he can point church leaders to other School of Theology/Seattle Pacific Seminary faculty, all of whom are available for consultation, speaking, teaching, or preaching. For more information, contact Dr. Doug Strong at