UFDN 1000: “Christian Faith”

UFDN 1000: “Christian Faith” is taken in either your freshman or your sophomore year of study. This course introduces you to the central beliefs, practices, and virtues of Christian faith and its many past and present expressions.

In a world marked by individual and social sin, this course focuses on the ways Christian Scripture, creeds, doctrines, and communities form Christian disciples’ identity and their calling to partner in God’s reconciling work in the world. 

Formation. Students will explore how Christian thought, Scripture, and disciplines can be formative in their communal and individual lives.  This includes weekly participation in a Wesleyan small group as part of the class.  Students will also complete a spiritual autobiography assignment in which they describe their own formation and consider their own identity and place in a global society.

Vocation. Students will explore what it means to be called by God and how Christian spiritual disciplines can help in discerning vocation.  They will also have opportunities to consider their own gifts and the needs in the world that they feel called to address.

Reconciliation. Students will explore the varieties and impact of brokenness in society, including how this brokenness intersects with their own lives.  The class will also examine reconciliation as an orienting theme of the biblical story and, by extension, the Christian life.

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