UFDN 3100: “Christian Theology”

UFDN 3100: "Christian Theology" is typically taken in your junior or senior year of study. Attention will be given to major formative events and key persons in the history of the church who have helped to shape what Christians believe and how they live.

This course studies the basic doctrines and practices of historic Christianity, such as:

  • The being, attributes, and workings of the Triune God
  • The nature, fallenness, and redemption of human beings
  • The character and mission of the church; the disciplines and duties of personal faith
  • The hope for last (eschatological) things

The five major objectives of UFDN 3100:"Christian Theology" include:

  • Development of Christian Thought. To sketch the basic development of Christian thought and institutions from New Testament times to the present. Both the rich diversity and the overarching unity within the Christian tradition are emphasized.
  • Historic Christian Doctrine. To delineate the central doctrines of the historic Christian church, their interrelationships, and their implications for the Christian life. Doctrines are studied not only as truth claims (i.e., ideas that Christians affirm), but also as regulative principles ( i.e., means by which Christian individuals and communities analyze, shape, and amend their lives). 
  • Theological Method. To demonstrate the rudiments of theological method, how fruitful theological reflection involves a dynamic and closely reasoned dialogue among Christian Scripture, Christian tradition, and the full range of human experience as enlivened by the Holy Spirit. This objective is achieved through the study of some of John Wesley's sermons and through the modeling offered by the instructors, all of whom are committed to a Wesleyan approach to theological inquiry.
  • Current Religious/Philosophical Worldviews. To map out some of the major religious and philosophical worldviews current today and analyze their congruence or incongruence with the historic Christian faith. 
  • Reflective Faith Cultivation. To encourage and help you cultivate a more reflective Christian faith — one integrally woven into your life and thinking.

UFDN 3100:"Christian Theology" Catalog course description.

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Daniel Castelo

Why I Teach at SPU

Daniel Castelo, SPU Professor of Dogmatic and Constructive Theology

“I teach at SPU because historically and currently this place promotes and embodies a kind of evangelical catholicity. We value the transformation of the heart, the urgency of both holy reasoning and mission, and the call to lead a sanctified life. These commitments can be fostered in a number of church traditions, and SPU recognizes this reality because of its Wesleyan heritage.”